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About five years ago, after moving into our new house and finishing the interior renovations, I decided to take some time and work on the outside of the property.  After a long, exhausting and frustrating search (that’s a completely different story) I found a great company (Land-Con) to complete some major landscaping work.  Although Land-Con was doing a great job on the landscaping, and was a one-stop solution, a separate paving company had been recommended to me (Access Paving), so I decided to use both companies.

After removing the old pavement, making some adjustments to the size of the driveway, and laying down fresh gravel, we were letting the area settle for several weeks, which is the recommended process.  Unfortunately, the week before my driveway was scheduled to be paved, we ran into a problem when my neighbor had to dig a hole under my side of the driveway.  As a result of the digging, we needed to delay the paving to allow the earth and new gravel to settle, once again, or there was a good chance that the asphalt would simply sink down over time.  To add to our woes, we really needed the work to be done quickly, as the winter season was fast approaching, at which time the asphalt companies stop production.  If the work was not done, the driveway would have been a muddy, sloppy mess and I would have had yet another problem to deal with.

Just when I thought the driveway could not be done until the spring, along comes Reno, from Access Paving, with a solution.  I explained what was happening and he offered to put a “base coat” of asphalt on, suggesting that this would avoid the mess and I could then call him once the weather started to get warm to finish the job.

Unfortunately I waited way too long to call Reno back and here I am four years later with a shifted interlock pathway, and an incomplete paving job.  As often is the case, life gets in the way, and I never realized that without the top coat, the base coat would eventually dry up, crack, and have to be completely redone.  I was incredibly upset on having to put out extra money to solve this problem, however, Reno was very understanding and incredibly flexible.  Reno offered to rip up the driveway and start fresh, charging me only slightly more than the original estimate for the top coat.  The job was done quickly and within a few hours I had a brand new driveway, which now looks amazing!

Whether Reno is paving the 401, building a new parking lot, or dealing with a residential driveway, he takes the same amount of care in dealing with customers and doing the actual work.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trustworthy paving company.

Access Paving
Mr. Reno Gulizia
416- 896-0928

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