Bamiyan Kabob Gets a Life-Time Customer!

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of conversing with an employee in the office who was from Afghanistan.  The conversations usually become about food, and in this case, specifically Afghan cuisine.  The employee told me about a restaurant which was near our office, and ensured me that it served the best Afghan cuisine in Toronto.

A few weeks ago a bunch of us were up for something a bit different and decided to visit the restaurant for lunch.  When we arrived at the location, we immediately noticed that the location was very busy, but the line up was moving along at a good pace.  We were welcomed by two smiling employees and given fast, friendly service.  Since it was our first time in the restaurant, and my very first time eating Afghan cuisine, the staff members were more than happy to give some suggestions and recommendations.

The menu consisted of platters, kabobs, wraps, and salads, along with a number of drink options.  So as to not hold up the line, too much, I decided to try one of the platters, which included meat, along with a generous portion of rice, salad, and nann.  While the meals took a while to arrive due to the fact that they were cooked to order, the food was hot, fresh, and delicious, which more than made up for the wait time.

The order of Sultani Kabob was delicious and filling.  It was a combination of two kabob menu options, which were the Barg Kabob and Kofta Kabob.  The order included skewers of lean beef that was marinated in seasoning and spices, and chunks of filet mignon that were marinated in the restaurant’s own special seasoning.  One of my colleagues ordered a wrap, which was I am told was equally as delicious and filling.  The wraps were served with a soft tortilla and filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and the restaurant’s famous sauces.  The side order of Kabilee Rice did not disappoint, either.  It consisted of basmati rice topped with raisins, carrots, and almonds. Not to be forgotten was the large piece of nann that seemed to accompany most meals.  It was served piping hot and was perfectly baked.  Overall, the other SQM staff and I found our meals to be very satisfying.

Since our first visit, we have gone back to the restaurant a few more times, and have found both the quality of food, along with the service to be just as good as the first time.  Despite having visited many restaurants in Toronto, Afghan cuisine had never come across my mind in the past, however my experiences at Bamiyan Kabob have made me add yet another country’s food to my list.

Bamiyan Kabob
62 Overlea Boulevard
Toronto, ON L3S 4S1

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