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For Amazing Tours, Patrice Bailey is your #1 Contact

A few weeks ago, I was on a cruise, and one of the ports we stopped at was Falmouth, Jamaica. Since there isn’t much to do in Falmouth, itself, we had planned in advance to travel from Falmouth to Montego Bay, however we knew that it would be a 20-minute drive. Falmouth was a fairly new port, and sufficient tourist resources had not yet been built, so we didn’t know how we would get a taxi to Montego Bay.

After doing some online research, we found that a woman by the name of Patrice Bailey received many positive reviews for her small business. Her business offers driver services and tours, and the drivers will accompany you throughout the day to take you to your desired locations. From the beach to the markets, to art galleries and just local attractions, the service was said to be prompt and excellent.

After several emails with Patrice, we booked her services for the day, and much to our surprise, we were not asked for payment up front or even a deposit. When we asked how we would find her at the port, her reply was just as quick as it was friendly, and she informed us, “Everyone there knows me. Just ask for Patrice Bailey or ask to be pointed to the white tent!”

When my friends and I arrived in Falmouth, we did just as Patrice had instructed. What Patrice informed us over email was true, and more. It was clear that everyone knew her, and she was very well-respected in the community.  When we found her white tent, she greeted us with great enthusiasm… not just a business like hand shake, but hugs as we were friends or family and not merely customers. Within a few seconds she had offered us cold drinks and before we knew it she introduced us to our driver for the day.

The driver was just as friendly and knowledgeable as Patrice. Throughout the day he pointed out people and places of interest to us. Based on one of our requests, he even took us off the beaten path, to introduce us to a restaurant that served delicious patties.

As for Patrice, when we were heading out of the patty restaurant, all of a sudden we hear someone calling our names, and can’t figure out who would possible know us in a foreign country. Much to our surprise, Patrice happened to stop by to check up on us.  When she saw us, she ran up to us and asked about how we enjoyed the tour followed by our end of the day hugs and best wishes.

Although the round trip cost for a shuttle bus is approximately $20.00 per passenger, the extra $5.00 for the service provided by Patrice and her team is well worth it.  Aside from not having to wait for a schedule service, I can almost assure you that the folks on the shuttle didn’t have a great snack for receive hugs like we did.

For amazing customer service from friendly, knowledgeable, and professional people, Patrice Bailey is your #1 contact in Jamaica!

Patrice Bailey


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The Words “Insurance Company” and “Customer Service” Can Be Used in the Same Sentence

From time to time, I like to recommend companies and organizations that don’t often get kudos from the public. One such company is RBC Insurance, and I can recommend it in good faith due to its excellent customer service.

A few weeks ago, my father was involved in a bad car accident and therefore needed to deal with an insurance claim.

Although advertisements on television seem to indicate that insurance claim can be dealt with under 30 minutes, we had low expectations due to our experience with other companies in the past.

RBC Insurance, truly surprised us. After my father and I prepared all of the necessary information, we called RBC Insurance. During the initial call, we were asked a series of questions to which we replied, and within approximately 40 minutes everything was underway.

By the end of the call, we were given the names of two adjusters to handle the case and ensured that the information discussed over the phone and the information needed to complete the claim would be emailed to us promptly. The process was quick and without trouble. In fact, the employee even went as far was ensuring that my father was able to drive during the claim period by setting him up with a rental vehicle.

Within the next few business days, we received a couple of calls and emails about the status of the claim, and every employee who either called or emailed us was knowledgeable, professional, and very pleasant to deal with.

In addition to their customer service, I must say that RBC Insurance has been very reasonable with regards to payments including approving certain benefits which fall into the dreaded “out of the box” category.

RBC Insurance has truly put my father first, and has made his recovery…both financial and healthwise the priority in the relationship.

When you’re deciding on insurance, there are a number of factors that have an impact on what would be the right insurance company for you. RBC Insurance not only met, but greatly exceeded our expectations and I truly appreciate them putting my dad on the road to recovery.

RBC Insurance


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Selmon’s Custom Exhaust Never Exhausts in Customer Service

Several months ago, I heard a noise coming from below my car. When I took my car to a reputable mechanic, they immediately showed me the problem. The flexpipe located at the front-end of the exhaust system needed a replacement. I was then given a quote of approximately $500, which would fix and replace the exhaust system and the flexpipe attached to it. Since it did not appear cost-effective at the time, I put it on my to-do list, to take care of before the cold weather.

A couple of months later, I went and got my snow tires put on at Multi Tirecraft (see one of my previous blogs), and when I mentioned to Glen, the owner, that I was looking for someone to fix the flexpipe of my car, he referred me to Selmon’s Custom Exhaust without a moment’s hesitation. Glen informed me that Selmon was not only good at his craft, but good with his customers and always looked after them. If there was a less costly solution to fixing a car problem, then Selmon would find it and honest about it.

Several days later, I scheduled an appointment with Selmon, arrived at his workshop, and he quickly went to work. He put my car up on the hoist, showed me the problem with the flexpipe, and said that instead of replacing the entire flexpipe, he could weld it. He indicated that welding the flexpipe would probably give it another year or two before it absolutely needed a replacement.  The welding procedure only took approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and was $50.

I was so happy with Selmon’s service that a couple of days later, I had my wife take her car in for repairs as well. As it turns out, a pice of the muffler, on my wife’s car had come unfastened, and Selmon ensured her that she didn’t need to replace the entire muffler, but instead only needed a section of it repaired. Again, Selmon quickly went to work and charged my wife a reasonable price.

Selmon’s expertise is not only in excellent customer service, but working with high-end cars as well. Although he usually works with regular, everyday vehicles, he also works on high-end cars such as the old Camaros,  and if you really want to get him going, just start chatting about Grand Nationals.

When it comes to exhaust systems, whether you want a regular repair or custom work done on your vehicle, Selmon is the best person to call. I highly recommend him for all your under car needs.

Selmon’s Custom Exhaust
37 Granger Avenue
Scarborough, ON M1K 3K9
(416) 805-0084


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