For Amazing Tours, Patrice Bailey is your #1 Contact

A few weeks ago, I was on a cruise, and one of the ports we stopped at was Falmouth, Jamaica. Since there isn’t much to do in Falmouth, itself, we had planned in advance to travel from Falmouth to Montego Bay, however we knew that it would be a 20-minute drive. Falmouth was a fairly new port, and sufficient tourist resources had not yet been built, so we didn’t know how we would get a taxi to Montego Bay.

After doing some online research, we found that a woman by the name of Patrice Bailey received many positive reviews for her small business. Her business offers driver services and tours, and the drivers will accompany you throughout the day to take you to your desired locations. From the beach to the markets, to art galleries and just local attractions, the service was said to be prompt and excellent.

After several emails with Patrice, we booked her services for the day, and much to our surprise, we were not asked for payment up front or even a deposit. When we asked how we would find her at the port, her reply was just as quick as it was friendly, and she informed us, “Everyone there knows me. Just ask for Patrice Bailey or ask to be pointed to the white tent!”

When my friends and I arrived in Falmouth, we did just as Patrice had instructed. What Patrice informed us over email was true, and more. It was clear that everyone knew her, and she was very well-respected in the community.  When we found her white tent, she greeted us with great enthusiasm… not just a business like hand shake, but hugs as we were friends or family and not merely customers. Within a few seconds she had offered us cold drinks and before we knew it she introduced us to our driver for the day.

The driver was just as friendly and knowledgeable as Patrice. Throughout the day he pointed out people and places of interest to us. Based on one of our requests, he even took us off the beaten path, to introduce us to a restaurant that served delicious patties.

As for Patrice, when we were heading out of the patty restaurant, all of a sudden we hear someone calling our names, and can’t figure out who would possible know us in a foreign country. Much to our surprise, Patrice happened to stop by to check up on us.  When she saw us, she ran up to us and asked about how we enjoyed the tour followed by our end of the day hugs and best wishes.

Although the round trip cost for a shuttle bus is approximately $20.00 per passenger, the extra $5.00 for the service provided by Patrice and her team is well worth it.  Aside from not having to wait for a schedule service, I can almost assure you that the folks on the shuttle didn’t have a great snack for receive hugs like we did.

For amazing customer service from friendly, knowledgeable, and professional people, Patrice Bailey is your #1 contact in Jamaica!

Patrice Bailey

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