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Weed Man Weeds Out All Competition

About seven years ago, when my family and I first moved to our current house, our front lawn was a disaster. There were weeds everywhere, and most of my summer was spent with the Fiskar lawn tool – which my back says is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Despite spending so much time getting rid of the weeds, the lawn needed constant attention.

I finally decided to call in the big guns at Weed Man Lawn Care to see if they could help me out with my lawn problems. Not only were the co-managers Shawn and Lisa polite, friendly, and a pleasure to deal with, but their employees quickly assessed my lawn and provided me with a variety of flexible lawn care program. The first program we worked out included seeding, fertilization, and weed control, and when the weeds became less and less of a problem, they changed the program to best meet my needs.

Clearly their approach worked, as by the end of the first summer people in my neighborhood commented about how my lawn went from being the worst to the best on the street!

Weed Man Lawn Care continued to show their flexibility and excellent customer service when I called them last year with a chinch bug problem. They came to my house the next day, identified the problem and immediately worked out a strategy to address these annoying bugs. While I’m not out of the woods….er…turf…just yet, I can safely say that my lawn is once again on the road to recovery.

Interestingly, Weed Man Lawn Care becomes a Christmas decorations service during the holiday season, and while I don’t personally put up any lights, I’m sure that their work with during the holiday season is just as fantastic as their work on lawns.

For fast, friendly, quick and professional service on your lawn, I highly recommend Weed Man Lawn Care.

Weed Man Lawn Care
15 Lesmill Road, Unit 5
Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T3


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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Mitch Rose is Your Go-To Lawyer

With our mothers meeting in pre-natal class, Mitch Rose and I joke around that we have known each other since before we were born. Since that time and throughout the years, we have remained great friends and kept in contact despite living in different areas, following different fields of study, and taking separate career paths.

When we were in university, Mitch had the ambition to study law, while I focused on business and hospitality. When we graduated from our studies, Mitch was practicing law in various areas, before focusing on litigation. Meanwhile, I got involved in several business, and went on to start Sensors Quality Management Inc.

During the first few years that Mitch practiced law, he worked on his own before joining a small law firm called Stancer Gossin LLP. Through his hard work and dedication, Mitch soon became a partner of the firm, which was renamed Stancer Gossin Rose LLP.

During the years Mitch’s work brought us together on several occasions, including: doing my will and Power of Attorney, assisting with real estate transactions, reviewing leases, and in settling business related matters. Mitch is always a pleasure to work with, because he is methodological and reasonable in his approach. He is all about what is in the best interest of his client rather than trying to punish the other guy. Being methodological and reasonable, it is no surprise that he is great with mediation, which in more recent times has become the focus of his practice. Not only has he earned the respect from his clients, but many lawyers find him reasonable and a pleasure to deal with as well.

Stancer Gossin Rose LLP has a wide range of expertise that includes, but is not limited to, corporate law, litigation, and mediation. Their fees are also reasonably priced for the excellent and professional service provided. If you are ever in need of a lawyer like Mitch, then I highly recommend reaching out to Stancer Gossin Rose LLP.

Mitchell Rose
Stancer Gossin Rose LLP
1210 Sheppard Avenue Suite 310
Toronto, ON M2K 1E3


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Eat Your Own Cooking in the Investment World

For several years now, my good friend John Fisher has been handling my investments. I’ve always had trust and confidence in John, as he has always proven to act in my best interest. John believes that acting in a client’s best interest is the same as “eating your own cooking.” This philosophy is serving him and his clients well, as his company, Bridgeport, is steadily growing. Bridgeport now has more than $250 million under management and serves approximately 100 families inside and outside of Canada.

The philosophy of “eating your own cooking” involves investment managers who take their own advice… making the same investments for themselves, as they do for their clients. When John and I discussed more about his philosophy, I became even more confident about the effectiveness of it. This is because John views every stock investment as if he himself is acquiring full ownership of the business. To John, it isn’t about just acquiring a piece of paper for the stock exchange.

John’s philosophy on investments further helps clients like myself because with his research skills and ability to analyze investments, he is able to choose companies whose business models have less of a threat. He calls it value investing, and he’s always looking for “steady-eddie” companies with predictable earnings that will provide me with healthy profit margins, recurring revenue, and a high return on invested capital.

Overall, I highly recommend getting in contact with John for your investment needs, or any questions you may have. I guarantee that you will be very well taken care of because of his personal philosophy of “eating your own cooking.”

John Fisher
Managing Director
Bridgeport Asset Management Inc.
1255 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5R 2A9
416 323-3241


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With Doctor Dale Gray, You Can Send Other Optometrists Away

For several years now, I have been seeing two optometrists. They are Doctor Dale Gray and her associate Doctor Munheer Haji. For Doctor Gray specifically, I have known her for over 20 years. After all these years, Doctor Gray still takes very good care of me whenever I have issues with my eyes. Despite the fact that her office is always busy and packed with patients, she puts her undivided attention at the patient in front of her. If you call in for an emergency, all the office staff will be extremely accommodating.

I have gone to the office numerous times for minor and bigger issues. Whether an eyelash is stuck in my eye or if the outer layer of my eye is scratched, the office is always professional and obliging no matter how big or small the issue.

Along with Doctor Gray, Doctor Haji is amazing when it comes to fitting contact lenses. She has multiple options and makes sure that you are aware of them. Another particular staff member who I would like to mention is Annie, the receptionist. She knows every patient by name and adds a very personal touch to the usual military-style operation you would find in other optometrist offices.

Overall, I would highly recommend going to Doctor Gray’s office for anyone with eye care needs. You will always find a very professional and accommodating environment when you go there.

Dr. Dale Ellen Gray Hamilton
1333 Sheppard Ave,
North York, ON M2J 1V1
416 494 6155


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