Eat Your Own Cooking in the Investment World

For several years now, my good friend John Fisher has been handling my investments. I’ve always had trust and confidence in John, as he has always proven to act in my best interest. John believes that acting in a client’s best interest is the same as “eating your own cooking.” This philosophy is serving him and his clients well, as his company, Bridgeport, is steadily growing. Bridgeport now has more than $250 million under management and serves approximately 100 families inside and outside of Canada.

The philosophy of “eating your own cooking” involves investment managers who take their own advice… making the same investments for themselves, as they do for their clients. When John and I discussed more about his philosophy, I became even more confident about the effectiveness of it. This is because John views every stock investment as if he himself is acquiring full ownership of the business. To John, it isn’t about just acquiring a piece of paper for the stock exchange.

John’s philosophy on investments further helps clients like myself because with his research skills and ability to analyze investments, he is able to choose companies whose business models have less of a threat. He calls it value investing, and he’s always looking for “steady-eddie” companies with predictable earnings that will provide me with healthy profit margins, recurring revenue, and a high return on invested capital.

Overall, I highly recommend getting in contact with John for your investment needs, or any questions you may have. I guarantee that you will be very well taken care of because of his personal philosophy of “eating your own cooking.”

John Fisher
Managing Director
Bridgeport Asset Management Inc.
1255 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5R 2A9
416 323-3241

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