Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Mitch Rose is Your Go-To Lawyer

With our mothers meeting in pre-natal class, Mitch Rose and I joke around that we have known each other since before we were born. Since that time and throughout the years, we have remained great friends and kept in contact despite living in different areas, following different fields of study, and taking separate career paths.

When we were in university, Mitch had the ambition to study law, while I focused on business and hospitality. When we graduated from our studies, Mitch was practicing law in various areas, before focusing on litigation. Meanwhile, I got involved in several business, and went on to start Sensors Quality Management Inc.

During the first few years that Mitch practiced law, he worked on his own before joining a small law firm called Stancer Gossin LLP. Through his hard work and dedication, Mitch soon became a partner of the firm, which was renamed Stancer Gossin Rose LLP.

During the years Mitch’s work brought us together on several occasions, including: doing my will and Power of Attorney, assisting with real estate transactions, reviewing leases, and in settling business related matters. Mitch is always a pleasure to work with, because he is methodological and reasonable in his approach. He is all about what is in the best interest of his client rather than trying to punish the other guy. Being methodological and reasonable, it is no surprise that he is great with mediation, which in more recent times has become the focus of his practice. Not only has he earned the respect from his clients, but many lawyers find him reasonable and a pleasure to deal with as well.

Stancer Gossin Rose LLP has a wide range of expertise that includes, but is not limited to, corporate law, litigation, and mediation. Their fees are also reasonably priced for the excellent and professional service provided. If you are ever in need of a lawyer like Mitch, then I highly recommend reaching out to Stancer Gossin Rose LLP.

Mitchell Rose
Stancer Gossin Rose LLP
1210 Sheppard Avenue Suite 310
Toronto, ON M2K 1E3

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