Weed Man Weeds Out All Competition

About seven years ago, when my family and I first moved to our current house, our front lawn was a disaster. There were weeds everywhere, and most of my summer was spent with the Fiskar lawn tool – which my back says is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Despite spending so much time getting rid of the weeds, the lawn needed constant attention.

I finally decided to call in the big guns at Weed Man Lawn Care to see if they could help me out with my lawn problems. Not only were the co-managers Shawn and Lisa polite, friendly, and a pleasure to deal with, but their employees quickly assessed my lawn and provided me with a variety of flexible lawn care program. The first program we worked out included seeding, fertilization, and weed control, and when the weeds became less and less of a problem, they changed the program to best meet my needs.

Clearly their approach worked, as by the end of the first summer people in my neighborhood commented about how my lawn went from being the worst to the best on the street!

Weed Man Lawn Care continued to show their flexibility and excellent customer service when I called them last year with a chinch bug problem. They came to my house the next day, identified the problem and immediately worked out a strategy to address these annoying bugs. While I’m not out of the woods….er…turf…just yet, I can safely say that my lawn is once again on the road to recovery.

Interestingly, Weed Man Lawn Care becomes a Christmas decorations service during the holiday season, and while I don’t personally put up any lights, I’m sure that their work with during the holiday season is just as fantastic as their work on lawns.

For fast, friendly, quick and professional service on your lawn, I highly recommend Weed Man Lawn Care.

Weed Man Lawn Care
15 Lesmill Road, Unit 5
Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T3

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