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Reliving Your Childhood at Rochester’s Museum

Four years ago, I first heard of an amazing museum to take my daughter to, called “The Strong National Museum of Play”, located in Rochester, New York. It is the biggest museum of its kind, in the United States, and is served to attract demographics of all ages.

As soon as you step in, there is a 100 year carousal, aka “a merry go round,” and an old school diner. When you first get into the exhibit area, you enter a world of interactive zones, where the kids can play. It is divided into different sections, including areas devoted to Sesame Street, arts and crafts, super heroes and super villains, fairy tales, and the list goes on. There is also a stocked grocery store where the kids can shop, check out and scan their items.

Aside for the areas for kids to play, upstairs is an archive consisting of over 72,000 artifacts, including old toys, action figures, board games, and doll collections that are all displayed in glass cases. Some toys displayed include model airplanes, Star Wars, and Barbie dolls. In addition, there is fully operating arcade that includes popular pinball and video games as well as air hockey and domed hockey. Seeing all of these artifacts and playing my favourite video games is like a trip down memory lane. Other activities include visiting the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden that is open all year round, which contains over 1,000 tropical butterflies, or a walk through the outside garden, during the summer months.

Every time we come back, I think it will be the last time, and that my daughter will be bored of it, but we end up staying longer, and she can’t wait for the next visit. There is always something new to discover and learn, and this museum truly has something for everybody. It is definitely worth the trip to Rochester.

1 Manhattan Square Drive
 Rochester, New York 14607
United States
+1 585-263-2700

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Miller Shoes is a Fit for Everyone!

I have a lovely 88 year old aunt, who has a number of issues with her feet, ranging from a small size, to bunions, to a high instep. As a result, it is often very challenging to find shoes shoes that fit her.  In fact, aside from visiting just about every shoes store in Toronto, we have even traveled to Buffalo, and still have had no luck finding comfortable shoes in her size.

In an effort to help her out, I did some online searching, where I came across Miller Shoes, in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a family owned company that has been in business since 1926, with the original store located in downtown Hamilton, and a newer location “on the Mountain”, that specializes in children’s and casual shoes. Miller Shoes specializes in hard to find sizes, including wide and small feet for both men and women. They offer boots and shoes in a variety colours and fresh new styles. The feature brands include Bernie Mev, Ros Hommerson, Rockport, Ecco, Hunter, and the classic Australian Uggs, and they recently began selling Michael Kors, Frye, and Sam Edelman.

Once you step into the store, you will notice an old style atmosphere, with shoes stocked up to the rafters and enough knowledgeable sales clerks to help you find what you are looking for.

The store was very busy, but don’t be mistaken, once you are helped, you will be taken good care of to ensure that you find your perfect pair of shoes and leave happy.

Brian Miller is the third generation to run the business, and I learned this as he just so happened to be the person who assisted my aunt with finding her shoes. He was patient and pleasant to work with, and his efforts paid off, as we were successful in purchasing two pairs of shoes.

While we certainly came to Miller Shoes for the small sizes, they also have reasonable prices and great customer service. It is nice to support an independent and a smaller business so between their niche, pricing, and customer service, it is worth checking them out!


Brian Miller

1289 Upper James Street
Hamilton, ON L9C 3B3
(905) 387-7463



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Children’s Pawsitive Pet Lover Programs

Several weeks ago, I was looking for something to occupy my daughter while she was off school, and had come across a company called Pawsitively Pets in midtown Toronto, near Leslie Street and Eglinton Avenue.

Since my daughter is into pets, I looked into this organization for fun, safe, and educational programs. As it turns out, they have a number of programs including summer camps, school breaks, holidays, weekends, after school, and even to give adults a date night!

The programs are all animal related, and usually involve animals that are rescued or adopted from shelters. The children spend part of their day learning about nature and learn about the responsibilities of taking care of pets. They will also get to take part in creating arts and crafts, such as learning how to making a dog bowl or a bird feeder.

Parents can pay by the day, the week, or purchase a monthly package.

Every time we get home, my daughter couldn’t wait to get back the next time.

The founder of Pawsitively Pets for Kids, Jennifer Ego, is a wonderful woman. She is energetic, and was very accommodating to my daughter’s schedule. She was also able to find a spot in the program last minute.

Not only do they have programs during the day, they also have programs during the evenings. This way, parents can spend that extra time on a date night. Date nights are offered on select Friday evenings for kids four to 10 years old to be dropped off at their location from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. The cost of the program is twenty dollars, and includes a pizza dinner, animal interactions, crafts, and activities.

Be sure to check out this location whether it is for a day or during your child’s next school break. The place can be a bit of a zoo, but after all, that’s the whole purpose 🙂


Leaside Location

202 Parkhurst Boulevard, Toronto ON M4G 2G3

416 901 4776


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What’s Old is New Again – Serial Brought Back Radio

Normally, I use this blog to mention outstanding business and organizations, but this time I’d like to highlight something a little different…

Many years ago, radio was the way of entertainment. People used the radio to listen to a variety of their favourite shows, hear the news and listen to music. One hundred years later, radio is new again. Even though you don’t get the full television experience, the radio has its own excitement and benefits to it because it is purely audio.

Recently, my wife told me that I HAD to listen to a podcast known as Serial.

With over 1.2 million weekly listeners, Serial has taken North America by storm. Serial is a spin-off from The American Lifeand is based on a true story (sorry….I don’t want to give anything away).  It was originally aired over the span of 12 weeks, one chapter each week, with every episode about 45 minutes in length, and contains no commercials. You can access the show by simply downloading the free podcast, every week, or listen to them all online at

Usually, you hear people talking about a new television show or a new website they have discovered, but as a result of Serial people are once again talking about a radio show.  From AM to FM to Satellite, radio has thrived over the years, and now it seems to be revitalizing itself once again.

Take a break from surfing the net and give Serial a listen. The first season has come to an end, however, you can download all episodes or listen to all episodes online at or  Prepare yourself for the second season with an all new story airing some time this year!


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