Reliving Your Childhood at Rochester’s Museum

Four years ago, I first heard of an amazing museum to take my daughter to, called “The Strong National Museum of Play”, located in Rochester, New York. It is the biggest museum of its kind, in the United States, and is served to attract demographics of all ages.

As soon as you step in, there is a 100 year carousal, aka “a merry go round,” and an old school diner. When you first get into the exhibit area, you enter a world of interactive zones, where the kids can play. It is divided into different sections, including areas devoted to Sesame Street, arts and crafts, super heroes and super villains, fairy tales, and the list goes on. There is also a stocked grocery store where the kids can shop, check out and scan their items.

Aside for the areas for kids to play, upstairs is an archive consisting of over 72,000 artifacts, including old toys, action figures, board games, and doll collections that are all displayed in glass cases. Some toys displayed include model airplanes, Star Wars, and Barbie dolls. In addition, there is fully operating arcade that includes popular pinball and video games as well as air hockey and domed hockey. Seeing all of these artifacts and playing my favourite video games is like a trip down memory lane. Other activities include visiting the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden that is open all year round, which contains over 1,000 tropical butterflies, or a walk through the outside garden, during the summer months.

Every time we come back, I think it will be the last time, and that my daughter will be bored of it, but we end up staying longer, and she can’t wait for the next visit. There is always something new to discover and learn, and this museum truly has something for everybody. It is definitely worth the trip to Rochester.

1 Manhattan Square Drive
 Rochester, New York 14607
United States
+1 585-263-2700
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