What’s Old is New Again – Serial Brought Back Radio

Normally, I use this blog to mention outstanding business and organizations, but this time I’d like to highlight something a little different…

Many years ago, radio was the way of entertainment. People used the radio to listen to a variety of their favourite shows, hear the news and listen to music. One hundred years later, radio is new again. Even though you don’t get the full television experience, the radio has its own excitement and benefits to it because it is purely audio.

Recently, my wife told me that I HAD to listen to a podcast known as Serial.

With over 1.2 million weekly listeners, Serial has taken North America by storm. Serial is a spin-off from The American Lifeand is based on a true story (sorry….I don’t want to give anything away).  It was originally aired over the span of 12 weeks, one chapter each week, with every episode about 45 minutes in length, and contains no commercials. You can access the show by simply downloading the free podcast, every week, or listen to them all online at www.serialpodcast.org.

Usually, you hear people talking about a new television show or a new website they have discovered, but as a result of Serial people are once again talking about a radio show.  From AM to FM to Satellite, radio has thrived over the years, and now it seems to be revitalizing itself once again.

Take a break from surfing the net and give Serial a listen. The first season has come to an end, however, you can download all episodes or listen to all episodes online at www.thisamericanlife.org or www.serialpodcast.org.  Prepare yourself for the second season with an all new story airing some time this year!

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