The Words “Insurance Company” and “Customer Service” Can Be Used in the Same Sentence

From time to time, I like to recommend companies and organizations that don’t often get kudos from the public. One such company is RBC Insurance, and I can recommend it in good faith due to its excellent customer service.

A few weeks ago, my father was involved in a bad car accident and therefore needed to deal with an insurance claim.

Although advertisements on television seem to indicate that insurance claim can be dealt with under 30 minutes, we had low expectations due to our experience with other companies in the past.

RBC Insurance, truly surprised us. After my father and I prepared all of the necessary information, we called RBC Insurance. During the initial call, we were asked a series of questions to which we replied, and within approximately 40 minutes everything was underway.

By the end of the call, we were given the names of two adjusters to handle the case and ensured that the information discussed over the phone and the information needed to complete the claim would be emailed to us promptly. The process was quick and without trouble. In fact, the employee even went as far was ensuring that my father was able to drive during the claim period by setting him up with a rental vehicle.

Within the next few business days, we received a couple of calls and emails about the status of the claim, and every employee who either called or emailed us was knowledgeable, professional, and very pleasant to deal with.

In addition to their customer service, I must say that RBC Insurance has been very reasonable with regards to payments including approving certain benefits which fall into the dreaded “out of the box” category.

RBC Insurance has truly put my father first, and has made his recovery…both financial and healthwise the priority in the relationship.

When you’re deciding on insurance, there are a number of factors that have an impact on what would be the right insurance company for you. RBC Insurance not only met, but greatly exceeded our expectations and I truly appreciate them putting my dad on the road to recovery.

RBC Insurance

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