Selmon’s Custom Exhaust Never Exhausts in Customer Service

Several months ago, I heard a noise coming from below my car. When I took my car to a reputable mechanic, they immediately showed me the problem. The flexpipe located at the front-end of the exhaust system needed a replacement. I was then given a quote of approximately $500, which would fix and replace the exhaust system and the flexpipe attached to it. Since it did not appear cost-effective at the time, I put it on my to-do list, to take care of before the cold weather.

A couple of months later, I went and got my snow tires put on at Multi Tirecraft (see one of my previous blogs), and when I mentioned to Glen, the owner, that I was looking for someone to fix the flexpipe of my car, he referred me to Selmon’s Custom Exhaust without a moment’s hesitation. Glen informed me that Selmon was not only good at his craft, but good with his customers and always looked after them. If there was a less costly solution to fixing a car problem, then Selmon would find it and honest about it.

Several days later, I scheduled an appointment with Selmon, arrived at his workshop, and he quickly went to work. He put my car up on the hoist, showed me the problem with the flexpipe, and said that instead of replacing the entire flexpipe, he could weld it. He indicated that welding the flexpipe would probably give it another year or two before it absolutely needed a replacement.  The welding procedure only took approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and was $50.

I was so happy with Selmon’s service that a couple of days later, I had my wife take her car in for repairs as well. As it turns out, a pice of the muffler, on my wife’s car had come unfastened, and Selmon ensured her that she didn’t need to replace the entire muffler, but instead only needed a section of it repaired. Again, Selmon quickly went to work and charged my wife a reasonable price.

Selmon’s expertise is not only in excellent customer service, but working with high-end cars as well. Although he usually works with regular, everyday vehicles, he also works on high-end cars such as the old Camaros,  and if you really want to get him going, just start chatting about Grand Nationals.

When it comes to exhaust systems, whether you want a regular repair or custom work done on your vehicle, Selmon is the best person to call. I highly recommend him for all your under car needs.

Selmon’s Custom Exhaust
37 Granger Avenue
Scarborough, ON M1K 3K9
(416) 805-0084

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