More Than Just Tax Returns

For several years now, I have been working closely with Brian Bossin, my company’s accountant. I first heard of Brian through my lawyer, who knew about my frustrations in dealing with large accounting firms, and never feeling like a priority. In one case, an accounting firm informed me that my company was not yet big enough to require their level of services.

When I finally met with Brian, I immediately liked his approach. It was clear that he would be a good fit for a smaller business, would offer genuine accounting and business advice for my company, assist me when I had very quick questions, and only change me for the major work.

What makes Brian different from other accountants and their firms is that he is reasonable and does not nickel and dime his clients to death. Unlike calling up a big accounting firm, and being charged by the minute, Brian understands that excellent customer service goes hand in hand with building better business relationships, and that a long term relationship is more valuable and profitable.

Brian works at a small boutique organization, and specializes in a variety of industries. Whether you need someone for personal or business related accounting, Brian is your go-to person. Your business can range from small to large or from industry to industry, and he will find the best way to help you regardless. He is always a great joy with which to work, and I highly recommend contacting him…especially before the busy tax season!

Brian Bossin & George Tin Yan, CA
Bossin, Tin Yan Chartered Accountants
1210 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 200
Toronto, ON M2K 1E3

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