Multi Tire Craft Keeps Me Rolling

For many years,  I have been going to a place in Scarborough called Multi Tire Craft, based on a friend’s recommendation, to purchase and change over my seasonal tires. The family owned business is run by Glenn, his dad Ken, brother Jay, mom in the office, plus a few long-time staff.

Since first visiting the store, over ten years ago, I am consistently impressed by how professional and knowledgeable everyone who works there is.  In addition to being quality technicians, they also use quality equipment and parts.  As a small business, they certainly are a friendly group, however, I have often felt as if the true sign of a great business, is a company that treats their customers like family, and they certainly do, always remembering my name and asking how my dad…another loyal customer…is doing.

In addition to the regular work they do on my vehicles, I am also always amazed by how they manage the minor issues I have had with say a leaky valve or a slow leak in a tire.  They bring me in right away, quickly diagnose the problem, fix it promptly, and rarely charge me.  They don’t nickel and dime you, which is a rarity in their field.  And speaking of dollars and cents, despite the competitiveness in their industry, they always offer fairly priced tires and services, often less than the competition.

At the busy times of the year when winter tires are being put on or taken off, it’s like watching an Indy Pit Crew….they move so quickly and efficiently, but the safety of their customers and themselves is always their top priorities.

Perhaps a testament to their business is that aside from dealing with consumers, they have earned the respect and trust of large companies, who use them to service their commercial fleets.  They have also built some important relationships with other businesses in the automotive industry, allowing Glenn to refer myself and other customers to shops with the same high standards of quality service and value for getting my brakes done or mufflers changed.

Aside from selling tires, and doing the seasonal changeovers, Multi Tire Craft provides an array of other services including minor repairs and storing winter tires.  I should also mention that if you buy your tires from them they will rotate your tires every 10,000 km at no additional charge.  These guys will keep you rolling!

Multi Tire Craft
145 Nantucket Boulevard
Scarborough, ON  M1P 2N5
Owner / Manager – Mr. Glenn MacDonald

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