Customer Service That Deserves A Round Of Applause

Mirvish Productions is a theatrical company, based in Toronto, Canada.  The company was founded by David Mirvish, son of the late Ed Mirvish (owner of Honest Ed’s and the Royal Alex Theatre).  Not only have the Mirvishes helped Toronto become one of the most important theatrical centres in the world behind Broadway and London, but the company is responsible for bringing Broadway shows across the border.  In recent times, the company has brought Cindy Lauper’s popular, Kinky Boots to the city (currently playing at the Royal Alex Theatre).

And let me tell you, the company’s success must have something to do with their phenomenal customer service….

The story begins last year, while my wife was visiting New York City.  During her trip she went to see Kinky Boots on Broadway, and after returning home she told me that it was a must see!  Not too long after her trip, Mirvish Productions announced that they would be bringing Kinky Boots to Toronto, and my excited wife immediately bought tickets.

Six weeks before the date of show, my wife started to experience back pain – later diagnosed as a disc pushing on her sciatic nerve.  With treatment and therapy she began the road to recovery, but with the date of the show fast approaching we were both becoming increasingly anxious about her ability to attend the theatre.  For starters, our tickets were in the balcony, and there are no elevators in what is one of the oldest theatres in the city.  In addition, while the theatre itself is beautiful, the seats are quite tight, and not overly comfortable, again due to the age of the building.  Afraid of possibly losing our chance to see this fabulous show, I called Mirvish Productions hoping they can somehow assist me with the predicament which we were in.

Within minutes of contacting their head office, I was directed to a manager who listed to my issue, indicated that they can probably come up with a solution.  Less then an hour after my initial call, another employee called me back with various solutions to my problem.  The first proposed solution was that we move from a balcony seat to the main floor so we could avoid climbing the stairs.  In addition, the employee offered us a seat on the aisle, to allow wife some additional room to stretch out.  Alternatively, another option was to change the tickets for another date in the future, hoping that my wife’s condition improves, allowing her to enjoy the evening in more comfort.

In a day and age, when after you buy tickets (concerts, theatre, events, travel, etc.) there are typically “no refunds or exchanges” I was extremely surprised by how accommodating and responsive the company was.  While I expected to be told that there was nothing that could be done,  Mirvish Productions (and I believe Ticket King) truly made an effort to find a solution to my problem by providing me with not just one, but three different solutions, resulting in me being able to breathe a sigh of relief that I would enjoy my night out, once way or another.

As for the chosen option, like they say on Broadway…the show must go on, so with my wife insisting that she wanted to see the play on the original date of our tickets, I took them up on their offer of changing the seats to an aisle on the main floor.  A few physio sessions, and multiple exercises later, my wife was able to sit comfortably with her legs stretched out. Without a doubt, she and I enjoyed the show much more than we would have if Mirvish Productions hadn’t been so accommodating.

As for Kinky Boots, it is an absolutely fantastic production, and one of the best musicals I have seen in a long time.  It portrays a strong message of respect and dignity, while being light, fun and easy to follow along.  The tunes are catchy, and trust me, they will be stuck in your head for weeks to come.  I highly recommend it for either a night out with your significant other, or an enjoyable evening with friends.

Don’t worry, if you sing too hard, Mirvish Productions and their excellent customer service will have your back.

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