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Whenever I have an issue that involves electronics, I always cringe when thinking about going into one of those “big box” stores. Despite the wide selection of electronics that these larger stores have, I find it challenging to come across an experienced and knowledgeable staff member on a regular basis who can deliver great customer service.

Thankfully, I met just this type of employee several years ago at The Source, located at Lawrence Plaza (Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue), in the city of Toronto. Since then, this employee has been my “go-to guy” for many of my electronic needs and has constantly gone above and beyond the level of basic customer service that is so common in many other stores.

I’m not sure how long Mohammed has been with the company, but I have been dealing with him for at least the past three years. During that time, Mohammed has constantly exceeded the expectations of every customer that walks through the doors. Not only does he greet everyone with a warm smile, but he also demonstrates an earnest desire to provide any sort of assistance, no matter the issue. He is also extremely knowledgeable about technology and the products that the store offers. If these two factors were not enough to keep me coming back, Mohammed always knows how to come up with a quick fix or low cost solution for whatever challenges I may have. Whereas other sales representatives frequently suggest that the highest priced solution is the only solution, Mohammed knows exactly how to meet your needs at the lowest cost without compromising quality. This is refreshing to see, especially in a retail world dominated by “high priced solutions” that are pushed on you by inexperienced and less than knowledgeable staff. Seeing the work that Mohammed does truly demonstrates how dedicated he is to his craft and to the customer.

Whether it’s a simple battery, a more complicated computer issue, or if you’re looking for the latest in the gaming world, I urge anyone with any sort of technological issue to stop by and see Mohammed. I can guarantee you that if his warm personality doesn’t keep you coming back, his level of expertise and cost saving abilities will!

The Source
526 Lawrence Ave W, Unit 16D
North York, ON M6A 1A1

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