At Crestwood Valley Day Camp the Day is Never Done!

While I usually write about specific customer service experiences that have directly impacted me, I wanted to take an opportunity to highlight a well run business on behalf of my seven year old daughter.

Now that my daughter has enjoyed another successful and hugely entertaining summer, I thought I would give a shout out to a great summer camp. For the past few summers my daughter has gone to Crestwood Valley Day Camp. Located in the valley near Bayview and Lawrence, the camp has been around for the past 20 years. In fact, my wife was a camp counselor the very first year they opened!

From a parent’s perspective, the camp is an incredibly well run and organized business. From the pre-summer orientation where campers get knapsacks and water bottles, to the mid-summer open house where kids get to perform, to the buses which pick up and drop off on time (a little known fact is that prior to the day before camp starts, the buses go on a run to make sure they will be on time for the coming days), and finally, the ongoing communication about what is happening. The camp truly runs like a well oiled machine.

It is also the little touches that make a big impact. From having police and traffic attendants present during parent events (due to all the cars), the great camper activities (e.g. swimming, nature area, pottery, art, archery, creating a music video, optional overnight camp, etc.), the snacks and lunches (which the kids actually eat), to always being prepared for weather inconveniences. The camp itself is an incredibly fun, organized, safe, and highly educational experience.

Crestwood’s owners, Bobby and Eric, are great to deal with, and after a quick conversation with either of them you will understand why your kids will love it there. For anyone looking for a great summer experience for their kids, I highly suggest you consider Crestwood Valley Day Camp.
Crestwood Valley Day Camp
411 Lawrence Avenue East
Toronto, ON M3C 1N9
Phone: 416-444-9595
Fax: 416-444-4178

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