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On Avenue Road lies a small hardware store called Dickson Home Hardware. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this shop, they have two sides to their retail business; one that is centralized around hardware and another that is centralized around BBQs. I first visited Dickson Home Hardware 5 years ago when I was buying a friend a wedding present and I had a great experience. Despite the blizzard brewing in the middle of winter, I decided that I wanted to get my friend a lawn mower for his wedding so I started checking around for prices and models. I went to some of the big box stores in the area, saw a few I liked, and asked the manager about any discounts considering the current season and weather. I was flatly declined, so I checked out some of my other options before turning to Dickson Home Hardware. When I settled on Dickson Home Hardware, I was shown a few models and when I asked about the price the owner explained to me that he was unlikely to sell very many lawn mowers in the middle of winter, so he’d be able to cut $100 off the price before I even asked about any discounts.

Aside from this interaction keeping me coming back year after year, they continue to blow me away during every return visit with their excellent level of customer service. Dickson always has the hardware I am looking for even though they are a small store, and in the BBQ section they are all amazing and knowledgeable. When I was having a problem with my BBQ recently, they tried to walk me through it on the phone; and when I was unable to resolve the problem with them on the phone, instead of frustrating me they stopped by when they were in the area to fix it. Not only did they fix it, but they identified a problem which was under warranty. They have never ceased to amaze me and I have had a positive experience with them- each and every time. This just goes to show you that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to customer service.

Dickson Home Hardware
2028 Avenue Rd.
Toronto, ON


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