Broil King is on fire!

If you remember my blog from the other day, I wrote about the great customer service that I found at Dickson Home Hardware. Well, just recently Brandon (one of the great guys at the hardware store) was over at my house doing some minor repairs on my BBQ when he noticed that the cookbox was warped. As a direct result, the grills were sitting lower into the bottom of the BBQ than they should have been. Brandon said he would go back to the hardware store to order a new cook box for me, but I was a little shocked as I wasn’t expecting to shell out the money for a major repair or a new part. Naturally, I hesitated a bit as this would be pretty costly.

When Brandon sensed my hesitation, he told me not to worry since the Broil King Brand has a 25 year warranty on the cook box. I couldn’t believe it since my BBQ was over 9 years old! When the BBQ part arrived, I was pretty surprised to discover that they had sent me an entirely new BBQ with everything except the stand. Not only did Broil King stand behind their product, but they also exceeded my expectations and provided me with an outstanding customer service experience. In this day and age when most companies don’t take customers seriously, this was a pleasant turn of events that shot their customer service levels through the roof. Not to mention, they do make a great product that keeps their customers coming back!

Broil King
585 Kumpf Drive
Waterloo, ON


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