Got a Sports Injury? Go to Sport Medicine Clinic Pt.1

Many years ago, I developed a back problem that seemed to arise whenever I played hockey. When I visited my chiropractor, he could not figure out what the problem was and instead, referred me to a guest speaker at the chiropractor college named Chris Broadhurst. At the time, he was the team therapist for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As the pain worsened over time, I decided to be proactive and reach out to Chris myself. He kindly invited me to his office to have a look at the issue soon after. Within 5 minutes he diagnosed my back problem and recommended certain exercises that I should do continuously. I took his word and eventually my back started to improve. To this day the pain has not resurfaced. Getting other body injuries, however, was never an issue for me and whenever I had to get treatments, I always went back to Chris.

One particular incident stands out to me the most out of all my times with Chris. When I tore a ligament in the knee, he was able to quickly refer me to a doctor and a surgeon. Because of his fantastic skills, I was back at playing sports, including skating, within 6 weeks after the surgery. I remember a couple of other interesting injuries I pulled off, including my rotator cuff, and for all of them Chris was able to direct me to medical professionals after providing me with physiotherapy treatments. It’s no surprise that my recovery time was significantly shortened with Chris’ medical expertise.

Not only was he the team therapist for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but he was a personal therapist for Wayne Gretzky as well as other NHL athletes. He is so talented at his field and remains to be one of the most respected physiotherapist. However, the most important truth I want to emphasize is that Chris does not care whether you are an NHL hockey player or a famous singer. He treats all of his patients the same way and he will give you whatever amount of time you need. He enjoys working and helping your our average Joe as much as a professional athlete. Currently he has two clinics: Sport Medicine Clinic and Lifetime Sport Medicine Clinic. I would highly recommend visiting these clinics if you ever need a skilled physiotherapist.


Sport Medicine Clinic
79 Wellington St. West,
36th Floor, Toronto, ON M5K 1J5
416 865 0903

Lifetime Sport Medicine Clinic
3055 Pepper Mill Court,
Mississauga, ON L5L 4X5
289 290 6457

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