Got a Sports Injury? Go to Sport Medicine Clinic Pt.2

In more recent times, as I have been recovering from my rotator cuff injury, Chris has referred me to Dr. Shaun Lemann. Shaun is a chiropractor who works alongside Chris at the Sport Medicine Clinic and he is highly skilled and reliable in his field. While moving into the final phase of my injury treatment, Shaun has recommended a number of necessary therapy approaches. Recently, I have been working on my range of motion with Shaun, and I have already been seeing improvements. Asides from chiropractic, Shaun has experience in a number of different experiences in therapy and physiotherapy.

Like Chris and other experts at the Sport Medicine Clinic, Shaun will patiently listen to your issues and problems. He will professionally assess you as he is very good at identifying specific problem areas. Although sometimes the treatment is painful and I cry of severe pain, Shaun has significantly helped to maintain my usual bright and positive self. Both of these doctors, Chris and Shaun, will gladly see to your injury even if it’s not a sports injury.

Sport Medicine Clinic
79 Wellington St. West,
36th Floor, Toronto, ON M5K 1J5
416 865 0903

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