The Road to Being Active Again is Going to Physio Active

Several months ago, my wife had a serious problem with her back. When her problem was diagnosed and she felt excruciating pain, I knew that one of the best things to do was to put her in physiotherapy. I could have seen Chris or Shaun from Sport Medicine Clinic, but the problem was my wife’s inability to walk due to the severe pain.

Aware of this issue, my sister-in-law recommended Physio Active and Thomas Hein. Thomas then referred her to Polina Provad, a physiotherapist. First of all, Polina had squeezed my wife into her busy schedule when we almost cancelled the appointment in the beginning. My wife’s pain was so bad that we were contemplating going to a hospital instead of a physiotherapist. When I informed Polina, she offered to stay late so they could get the treatment going.

Polina is a very experienced and skilled physiotherapist. She analyzed and assessed my wife and came up with a treatment plan. She was very accommodating! When we first entered the clinic, we faced a small challenge of moving my wife to the treatment bed. To help my wife, the clinic brought a wheel chair and pushed her to the room every single time. When my wife had to go there on a daily basis in the first couple of weeks, the clinic deliberately scheduled its patients so that she could have easy access to the room in a wheelchair.

As my wife was on the road to recovery, Polina started to introduce other methods like acupuncture and massage therapy. Overall, the entire clinic and the office staff members are excellent in their field. Ashley, the office manager, was very patient and friendly whenever we saw her. Thanks to Physio Active, my wife is in much less pain and almost back to normal! A large part of that is because of their wonderful efforts.

Physio Active
1450 Clark Avenue West Unit 22
Thornhill, L4J7R5
905 695 0371

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