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A couple of weeks ago, my wife turned 40. Naturally this called for some acknowledgement (at least on my part), so a few of my wife’s girlfriends and myself planned a surprise party.

Now, without a doubt my wife’s favourite treats are Slurpees from 7Eleven. She loves those flavoured frozen drinks so much that it was a no brainer to organize a slurpee-themed party with “adult” Slurpees like Pina Colada, Margaritas, and frozen lemonade mixed with alcohol.

In addition to the adult Slurpees, my wife’s friends decided that a simple slab cake from the grocery store, wouldn’t do the trick, so they had another surprise in store. I, myself, had no idea what sort of cake they had planned, except that it would be special in some vague way, so when the time came for them to get the cake they came out with this:


They had gotten my wife a full detailed Slurpee 7Eleven cup-shaped cake. It was beautifully detailed from the colouring of the Slurpee cup to the 7Eleven brand logo. It looked so much like the real thing that I half expected Slurpee to come dribbling out when my wife cut into it 🙂

Needless to say, my wife and I were completely blown away with this cake. She was literally speechless at her friends’ thoughtfulness.

While eating the tasty cake, I asked my wife’s friends where they got such an intricately decorated and frankly amazing cake, and they told me the company was called Cake By Roberts.

At Cake by Roberts, the staff were wonderful to deal with, and they were so committed to making it perfect that they dedicated a lot of extra time and effort trying to have a plastic dome lid as part of the cake.  Although such effort was ultimately unsuccessful, the detail they had was still amazing, not to mention great tasting.  I would highly recommend them for any party that you want to go the extra mile for.

Cake By Roberts
134 Doncaster Ave. Unit #5
Thornhill, ON L3T 1L3
Phone: 905-889-1448

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