Customer Service That’s As Beautiful As The Sunset At The Seaside Restaurant

During the summer, I decided to take a trip to the east coast of Canada with my wife and daughter, along with another family.  During our trip through the Maritimes we found ourselves in Cape Breton to drive along the Cabot Trail.

Up until this point, my wife and I found the food to be very underwhelming at all of our stops along the way. My wife is a chef, and I have experience in the food and hospitality industry, so maybe our standards were a bit high, but we were both looking to find better food during the course of our travels.  When we arrived in Cape Breton, there were not many dining options available, so we weren’t expecting much from the Seaside Restaurant, but we were all in for a lovely surprise…

The Seaside Restaurant is an amazing dining option attached to the Island Sunset Resort. The restaurant itself is simple, but offers a beautiful view of the sun setting on the ocean for all of it’s guests. They also featured an open-kitchen concept where you could see the food being made fresh and right to order.

The real star of the Seaside Restaurant was the menu and the quality of their food. They featured a diverse array of menu items ranging from pasta dishes to steak, and rack of lamb to seafood.  If the food wasn’t a good enough reason to love the Seaside Restaurant, then the service was another!  The servers were very accommodating of the two children by serving them half portions of the pasta dishes and including drinks and deserts.  As for the adults at the table, we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals, with everyone agreeing that the coconut shrimp was delicious, the seafood linguine was well-made, and the rack of lamb was to die for.  To cap off our lovely evening at the Seaside Restaurant, we all decided to order some home made desserts.

Once the bill arrived, I was expecting a bit of a steep price for all of the delicious food that we had, but I was very surprised to see that everything was reasonably priced.  Aside from some great scenery. the delicious food at the Seaside Restaurant is one of the reasons why I would definitely return to Cape Breton.

Island Sunset Resort & Seaside Restaurant
19 Beach Cove Lane
Belle Côte, NS  B0E 2B0


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