Today’s Lens Gives Me and Extra Set of Eyes

Every few months, I need to order a new batch of disposable contact lenses and for the past three years I have realized that there is no better contact lens provider than the folks at Today’s Lens. The company is an online contact lens and glasses retailer that offers high quality products and great service.

The manager of Today’s Lens, Joe, runs the company and is a mastermind when it comes to outstanding service that is bound to have customers leaving positive feedback and returning.

I prefer to purchase my lens from this specific online retailer because not only do they offer contact lens and glasses for a cheaper price (compared to in-store purchases), but they also offer an easy, usable site that is simple to follow by almost anyone.

In addition to attractive pricing and an easy-to-use website, during my latest experience with the company, I learned that Today’s Lens takes quality very seriously and ensures the quality of the product before sending it out to customers.

When the time came for me to replace my lenses, I visited the Today’s Lens website and ordered the contact lenses that I normally purchase. As normally is the case, I waited for the lenses to arrive by mail, but became concerned after three weeks went by and my order had yet to arrive. I decided to give the manager, Joe, a call and I explained my problem to him. He was very apologetic and he wanted to get the problem solved as soon as possible, but he also wanted to look into the matter beforehand to find out what had happened. After a few minutes, he called me back and explained that they currently had the lenses in stock, but the expiry date was fast approaching. Since it would not be fair for the customer if they were to ship contact lenses that were not up to their standards, he was waiting for a new shipment. He then apologized to me again, and told me that my contact lenses would be shipped to their warehouse within the next week and that they would immediately send them out to me. On top of his sincere apology, he added that a complimentary box of contact lenses would be provided on my next order, as a result of the lengthy delay.

When the time came for me to make my next order, I called Joe and placed my order. I found it outstanding that Joe still managed to remember my name, my prescription, the type of lenses and of course the complimentary box of lenses, without any reminder. The service that Joe provided clearly demonstrates that he knows his customers, cares for the customers, and lives up to the company standards of providing high quality and great service. I would highly recommend Today’s Lens to anyone looking for glasses or contact lenses.

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