TheraPearl chills me out with great customer service

Have you ever had a nagging ache or pain in your body that just won’t go away? Well, I often get them and I found TheraPearl to cure all my ailments. Therapearl makes hot and cold therapy packs that provide relief for aches and pains. These can include bruises, joint soreness, and my personal ailment – migraines. Basically you get a pack and you can throw it in the fridge or microwave depending on what you need.

I recently bought a TheraPearl at a large retailer in Toronto. Shortly after getting it, I noticed the “pearls”, which are the little temperature beads, were beginning to fall out. I returned to the retailer, but had misplaced my bill and they would not exchange the product for me. The retailer was giving me the run around, sending me from one location to the next. As a customer who was getting the run around, I became increasingly frustrated and decided to call the actual manufacturer. Upon calling TheraPearl’s customer service line, I spoke to a lovely young woman named Candice. Candice apologized and took full ownership for the issue and sent me a replacement right away through UPS. She even sent me additional products to try including a frog and a pig TheraPearl pack for my daughter, who Candice heard in the background while we were talking. TheraPearl stood behind their products and did not make me jump through any hoops. I was sent products specific to my needs and thus my expectations were exceeded. While I had an unfortunate customer service experience at the retailer, TheraPearl took care of the whole situation to ensure that I was a happy customer.

Awesome customer service will keep me coming back for more and will also tell my friends about the great experience. Now if only the retailer could take a page out of TheraPearl’s customer service book!

TheraPearl, LLC
9305 Gerwig Lane, Suite Q
Columbia, MD
1-877-PEARL09 (73275)

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