A Landscaping Nightmare: How Land-Con Saved The Day

Back in the summer, I decided to re-do the driveway and front garden of my house, so I had 12 landscaping companies come to my house to quote my relatively decent-sized project. Of the 12 companies that came by the house, not one was professional enough to follow-up with me and provide an actual quote as I was a potential customer.

I was starting to give up all hope in my hunt for a suitable landscaping company when I stumbled upon the Land-Con team. The Land-Con team was completing some work at the office building I worked in when I asked an employee if I could speak to someone about a residential job. Immediately, I was introduced to both owners who happened to be on site and they arranged to have their planner come to my house. The planner, Cristel, showed up on time and even provided me with drawings and a quote within days of her visit. Talk about speedy customer service! The price that she quoted was certainly close to what other people in the neighborhood have paid to complete similar work, so we decided to go ahead and have her re-do our driveway and front garden. An added bonus was having our amazing planner, Cristel, who patiently provided us with guidance and ideas every step of the way. She added to the awesome customer experience that Land-Con provided.

The workers arrived on the prearranged date and despite the fact that they were working on a residential project, they were all appropriately outfitted with all of their required safety equipment. They worked quickly, efficiently, safely, and always tidied up after themselves. The few minor, and I stress minor, deficiencies were taken care of quickly. Everyone, who has seen the work that was done by Land-Con, thinks they did an amazing job and added value to our property. Land-Con’s amazing customer service has kept them fresh in our minds and with a bit of luck, we hope to work on the backyard next year!

163 Bowes Rd. Unit 3
Concord, ON
416-504-LAND (5263)


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