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Bruce and Steve- SQM’s Real Estate Go-To Guys

Suitable office accommodations contribute to the success of a business. Now, you might be wondering why, and it may seem like an irrelevant detail, but every business has its unique accommodation needs. Excellent Real Estate Agents are the ones who have the ability to identify and familiarize themselves with their client’s specific needs, and from this, leverage their contacts to provide the solution to those needs. An office space is simply not enough- the accommodation should be ideal for the type of business. Everything from the size of the organization, to the type of office layout, and most importantly the budget, must be considered when making a decision. Businesses seldom find Real Estate Agents who can do all of this and much more, but once they are found, its best to stick with them. Real Estate Agents of this caliber remind me of Bruce WiIls and Steve Brown.

Bruce and Steve are two real estate agents, based in Toronto, that work for CB Richard Ellis. Their office can be found right around Highway 401 and Don Valley Parkway. They have  provided Sensors Quality Management Inc. with very suitable office accommodations for the past 20 years. They know the properties within the GTA area very well and have established relationships with the landlords. They understand the different accommodation needs of various businesses, whether they are a start-up or a small to medium-sized organization, and they take these needs into account when working out lease agreements.

The GTA Real Estate industry acknowledges and respect Steve and Bruce for delivering quality service at reasonable costs to their clients. On occasion, we have other Real Estate Agents who call our office, asking if we are in need of office accommodations when our current lease expires. Of course, we kindly decline and tell them that we’ll be sticking with Bruce and Steve because we know that we are in great hands with this duo.

So are you searching for ideal office accommodations? Do you need an agent that understands your business needs, an agent that will work with you, and leverage his contacts to provide you with ideal accommodations with the right terms? Well, give Bruce and Steve a call because I have been with them for 20 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Steve Brown

Bruce Wills


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