Little business knows how to do it right!

This past summer, I was in need of a carpenter who could build me a door and a portico. I ran across a man named Greg Aboud from Greg Aboud Woodworking who has completed projects in my neighbourhood and was recommended to me. Greg is truly a jack of all trades, and handles such work as: fencing, sheds, doors… you name it and Greg can build it. He charges a reasonable price and has a great reputation.

Despite Greg’s extreme flexiblity and wide scope of abilities, during the course of the summer, Greg ran into a few challenges. After ordering the wrong pillars for the portico, family members falling ill, bad weather, and hurting his back, what was supposed to be a 4-8 week job turned into a 7 month ordeal. After the job was finally completed, I received an invoice and noticed that a significant amount of money had been deducted due to “unacceptable delays”. Since I hadn’t asked Greg to reduce his fees, I was completely astonished with his generous offer. Not only did he own up to the significant delays, but he exceeded my expectations by adjusting the bill.

What’s more amazing is that here is a small, independent businessman who understands that exceeding expectations will lead to new customers, referrals, and repeat businesses. Larger businesses could learn from a guy like Greg. As an example, Greg has no idea that I am writing a blog about him, but because of his excellent customer service and great public relations, I’ve already spread the word about him to dozens of my friends, colleagues, and neigbours- not to mention everyone who reads the SQM blogs.

In this day and age when it has become increasingly difficult to find a good trades person, let alone a good trades person, at a reasonable price, here is one that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds his customers’ expectations. Greg is truly a class act and I would strongly suggest you consider using him for your next project.

Greg Aboud Woodworking
Greg Aboud


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