Cup Sizes and Lids Matter

Normally, this space is reserved to highlight outstanding companies, however, from time to time I feel compelled to write about issues that regularly occur in the business world.

Now I realize that water is a precious commodity, but whether at fast food restaurants, movie theatres, or sporting events, I find it extremely frustrating when I ask for a cup of water, and in return, I receive either a child sized cup and / or a cup without a lid.

What I find even more frustrating is that many of these same businesses want to maintain a clean establishment, and in some cases even communicate the message to the public, saying something along the lines of “help us keep the place clean,” however, their actions say something different. For example, I remember the time when I was rushing to get to my movie and half of the had water spilled on the floor. Aside from not having enough to drink, this now became a safety hazard for others, as the tile floor became slippery.

I understand that many businesses count cups as part their inventory practices, but I truly don’t believe I am making an outlandish request.

Customer service plays a big role in business, and the level of service delivered by employees often determines how truly valued the customers are to an organization. I have to think there is a better way to provide outstanding customer service while keeping the establishments clean, without inconveniencing customers.

I would like to raise my cup to those companies that do it right!

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