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Going above and beyond the call

cell phone repair

I’m certainly not the first to do it and I won’t be the last, but recently I dropped my Blackberry, cracking the screen.  It still functioned, but peering through the fragmented glass to read an email wasn’t ideal, so I started to shop around to find somewhere that could fix it for a good price.

Most of the places I inquired at quoted me $80 to $100 for the repair, until I stumbled upon Stellar Cellular.  The business is a small electronics store on College Street, squeezed between two pizza places. I called them on a Saturday and a guy named Richard answered.  He told me they could fix it for $60, but would need to order some parts which wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday.  Feeling bad, Richard suggested a couple of other stores I could go to if I needed it done right away.  A business man willing to turn away business for the good of the customer!  Richard was more worried about me than his own profit.  I was so impressed with his level of customer service that I told him I’d be happy to wait until Tuesday.

So, come Tuesday, I make my way down to College Street, between Spadina Avenue and Bathurst Street, and there’s Richard waiting for me behind the counter.  I hand over the phone, and he tells me to come back in about 45 minutes, while he does his magic….badda bing badda boom, my phone is good to go again.  I thanked him, paid for the work, and headed off.

After I got back home, I noticed that there was something off with the screen, that was only visible  with certain backgrounds.  Since it was very distracting I had my dad take the phone back to Stellar Cellular and show Richard the problem.  He took the phone again, promising to fix it, and gave it back to my dad, a short time later.  When my dad brought me the phone, I opened the case, and snuggled up next to the Blackberry is $60 and a short note reading, “Deepest Apologies for the inconvenience. Your business is very important to me. Kind Regards, Richard”.

I would have been ecstatic just having the phone fixed, let alone having it fixed for free!  For the second time, I didn’t feel like a just a piece of business, a sale, a profit, but a real person that Richard genuinely wanted to help. It’s refreshing to see a businesses that ensures that quality customer service is delivered to the customer- each and every time.

Stellar Cellular
378 College St.
Toronto, ON



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