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St. Clair Nissan revs up the standard for customer service

Unlike many Nissan dealers these days, St. Clair Nissan is located downtown and occupies a smaller building space. My understanding is they are family-owned and operated. In my experience with car delarships, big dealerships can never seem to take care of problems in an affordable timely fashion, whereas St. Clair Nissan is always friendly, efficient, accommodating, and reasonably priced to their customers.

I distinctly remember a time when St. Clair Nissan helped me out more than any other car dealership ever could. When I was buying out the lease on my car, I had already moved uptown and decided I had such a great experience with St. Clair Nissan that I would try another Nissan dealership near my new house. The new dealership wanted $300 just to do the paperwork, so I went back to St. Clair and they completed the papers for $100. Given the time it took to do it, they likely didn’t make any money off of me; but they kept me as a happy customer, and they kept me coming back. Despite the fact that I no longer live down town, I still go out of my way to visit this location, as well as my preferred service garage (Portugal Auto Service at Dundas and Bathurst). I always go out of my way to tell all of my friends about their amazing customer service because they take such great care of me as a valued customer. The personalized customer experience really goes a long way.

St. Clair Nissan
3275 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON



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