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Normally, when I’m using this blog, it is to highlight an outstanding company, so I want to be transparent, as this time I am highlight a company that is also a client of SQM’s.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to get to Windsor for a meeting, and decided to take the train, instead of driving.

For starters, I was concerned about the weather conditions, as they can change very quickly. One minute the weather is fine, and the next you are driving with snow squalls which are no fun and can be quite dangerous.

As for dollars and cents, it turns out that coach fares were as low as $60.00 each way. Since the drive would have taken a full tank of gas, each way, which in my car is also about $60.00, it turns out that taking the train was going to be about the same price for this trip.

As a result, decided the best way to commute to Windsor was on VIA Rail as there are more benefits.

Taking the train meant I would have time to be productive. In fact, it almost felt like another day working at the office, because I was able to use my phone in the quiet surroundings, to chat and to answer emails, while I had my laptop to do work and and surf the web with the WIFI that was included. When I arrived, I felt refreshed and ready to go about my day. I had no complaints at all, and did not have to stress about driving or finding parking.

I know the trains aren’t perfect, but my experiences have always been quite positive. Commuting for longer than you should can throw off your entire schedule, and in my experiences, unlike air travel, there seem to be minimal weather-related or train traffic delays, and unlike driving, you don’t get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the highway.

Overall, the train was on time, the seats were clean and comfortable, and the staff were friendly. I recommend taking the train for anyone who is planning on traveling out of town, and wants to arrive stress free with excellent customer service experience.

For general information or booking, call 1 888 842 7245

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