Sizzling Service at the Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

A couple of years ago I had come across a restaurant called Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse.

The restaurant is located on Eglinton Avenue East in Toronto, and since that time they have opened up in Niagara Falls, and earlier this year on Adelaide Street East near John Street.

Whether you are a vegetarian or the ultimate meat lover, this all-you-can-eat restaurant cooks up something for everybody. How does it work? The servers frequently come to your table carrying large meat trays and if you want a piece, they will cut thin tasteful slices off for you. There are over 20 meats to chose from including parmesan prime rib, garlic sirloin steak, rack of lamb, salmon, and BBQ chicken. In addition to this, the buffet menu options include salads, breads, pastas, mussels, deli meats, cheeses, and various vegetables. Finally, for dessert there is grilled pineapple and deep fried bananas, both of which are very tasty and the perfect end to a great meal.

The moment you step in you will notice the upbeat atmosphere. The live Latin-themed music will get your groove on while you set your eyes on some talented Brazilian dancers. You can expect an energetic 10-15 minutes show of magnificent dance routines and outstanding costumes during each dinner sitting, followed by the opportunity to take some photos.

The staff are very attentive to your requests and while I was initially concerned whether it is truly a family friendly place, they are extremely good with children.

Adults pay $45.00 each and the price for children varies depending on their age. I personally recommend making a reservation well in advance, but they also have first come first service tables.

The all you can eat meal, live entertainment, and excellent service is a perfect combination. Just don’t forget to come with your appetite!

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