Leaside Volleyball Club is on the Ball

Last summer, when my daughter told me that she wanted to play volleyball, the first thing I did was conduct a Google search for kids’ volleyball leagues. Unfortunately, the first websites I found were not very professional… the locations were unclear, the contact information was out of date, and information about the coaches and types of teams were unavailable. After a couple more searches, I called up the Ontario Volleyball Association, and they suggested the Leaside Volleyball Club without hesitation.

Leaside Volleyball Club’s website was user-friendly and all of their contact information was easily accessible. The site also included information about the coaches, who range from high school and university students to Olympic athletes. Impressed and confident about the information provided by the website, I signed my daughter up for their Sunday league.

As it turns out, the league is just as well-run as their website. When my daughter and I arrived for the first session, my daughter was informed about the team she would be on, asked for her shirt size, and before we knew it, everyone was already doing drills with their team. The second half of each session involves games that allowed everyone to practice what had been learned in the drills. It was a great way to build teamwork and for beginners to simply have fun together.

My daughter was so happy about her experience with the fall sessions, that she shared her experience with three friends who have all signed up for the winter period.  In fact, the club even accommodated her, by allowing her friends to be on the same team.

Overall, Leaside Volleyball Club is very well-organized, teaches co-ed volleyball in a fun and educational way, and is reasonably priced. I highly recommend it and all of its amazing coaches to anyone whose kids are interested in sports.

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