Chill Out At The North Toronto Skating Club

From the age of five, my daughter had been taking skating lessons through the City of Toronto. However, after three years of trying to pass Level 1. she finally decided that she had lost interest in skating, and quite frankly, I didn’t blame her.

Since I believe that everyone in Canada should know how to skate (comes with the territory), before throwing in the towel, since I decided to research a few of the private skating schools, to see if it was worth the time and money.

One of my first calls was to the arena where I played hockey as a young boy, where I came across the North Toronto Skating Club. I explained to Marie, the director, what had happed with the city lessons, and she offered to let my daughter try out a few of lessons before we committed to joining. She tried out the hour long lessons for three weeks, and enjoyed them enough that she decided she wanted to continue. In addition to Marie’s initial offer, and taking my daughter under her wing, she also pro-rated the fees, since we were starting in the middle of the season.

While I am sure the longer lessons had something to do with it, I truly believe that the instructors, the drills, and the systems used, played most of the role in my daughter once again enjoying skating, and within four months, passing not only level 1, but also level 2, and going on to participate in the end of year skating show.

With the right people and program, in just a few months my daughter had made a huge improvement, and also gained back her confidence in skating. This year my daughter decided to join the club again, and is presently working on Level 5!

The staff at the North Toronto Skating Club are very experienced and knowledgeable in the work they do. The lessons are always on time, extremely organized and the kids really seem to have fun.

I thought I could save a few dollars with the city lessons, but as my wife occasionally reminds me that sometimes you have to throw a few dollars at the problem. Skating lessons seems to be one of those times đŸ™‚

Overall, I am very impressed with the club, Marie and all of the instructors, and I thank them for making skating more fun for my daughter and myself.

Marie Jonsson
Club Administrator
North Toronto Skating Club
North Toronto Memorial Area
174 Orchard View Boulevard
Toronto, ON M4J 1C3

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