Book Some Time At Your Local Library

A few years ago, I had to pick up a magazine from the Toronto library.  I hadn’t been to a library in a while, and whenever I end up going, it reminds me what I seem to forget on a regular basis….that the library is a great place to visit.

I recently found out how amazing it is to sit down in a comfy chair, in silence for half an hour and just read.  The library also offers movies, music, magazines and access to computers. This is a good place for someone who cannot afford a computer and needs to surf the web or even to use a printer.

The best part is that access to the library is free for anybody who is a resident in Toronto.  This is an incredible resource that is often overlooked.  We can borrow newly released books, instead of spending money on purchasing them, and even return them without feeling financially obligated to read it.  Not only can we borrow books, and have them in the palm of our hands within minutes, but now you have the power to place items on hold, using the online system.  This allows you to add your name to the wait list, and be informed of when the book arrives at your local library.

There are really no disadvantages to this amazing service!  It is a pleasant way of clearing your head from social media, and having some time to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. Besides, where else can you borrow something for free?  Be sure to visit your local library in the new year.

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