Stellar Cellular is Truly Stellar!

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Stellar Cellular is a small tech repair shop, located down on College Street near Bathurst.  The shop specializes in fixing mobile phones, tablets and computers, and is owned by Richard Martin, who always goes above and beyond to ensure his customers leave happy.  In 2014, I wrote about Richard when he fixed my Blackberry and gave me back the money I paid him because he felt badly that I had to drive to the store a few times before the service was complete.

Over the recent holiday season, Richard went above and beyond the call to help me, so I felt that I should once again let everyone know what a great business he runs.

Around 5 pm, on the Friday before New Years Eve my wife began having problems with her IPhone where she couldn’t hear anything unless it was on the speaker phone setting.  I told my wife not to worry and I immediately called Richard down at the store.

Since I had a positive experience in the past, I knew Stellar Cellular was where I was going to take my wife’s phone, but I had no idea what time he closes.  When I spoke with Richard that Friday night he told me he was closing up the shop in a few minutes, but asked me how far away I was from the store.  I told him I was about 15 minutes away and he said he would wait for me so he could look at the phone.

Upon arrival, Richard quickly diagnosed and fixed my wife’s phone.  He then realized there was a second problem and he was able to fix it within 30 minutes after we arrived.  When Richard handed the phone back to my wife, she breathed a big sigh of relief.

Let’s be clear though…..not to paint everyone with the same brush, but very few businesses would stay open, on a Friday night….let alone on a holiday weekend….to help their customers out.  Richard has always had the attitude of doing whatever it takes to take care of his customers, and this situation was not a rare event, but a common occurrence based on the way that he conducts business…..well done!

I’m really glad I discovered Stellar Cellular and highly recommend them if you ever need to get your phone repaired.  Their prices are quite reasonable, their staff are very knowledgeable, of course, Richard will do whatever he can to make sure you leave happy.

Stellar Cellular

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2 thoughts on “Stellar Cellular is Truly Stellar!”

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  2. Trista

    Took my iphone to get unlocked here. Was guaranteed to be completed within 24 hours.
    Two days later I picked up the phone, and to my new provider who stated it was not unlocked. I then took it to Apple to diagnose the issue (again) and they confirmed it was infact not unlocked.
    After approaching StellarCellular, I was offered a refund which I accepted, as well as another try at unlocking it. Upon picking up my phone AGAIN, I was verbally harassed for “accepting” such refund.
    I was also told that he “GOOGLED me” and how would I like it if I took advantage (?) of his business. Disgusting.
    Don’t offer a refund if you don’t wish to provide one, and don’t offer 24 hours services if you cannot provide them.

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