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Exceptional service in every corner of the Fairmont Royal York

A few days ago I was attending an industry function at the beautiful Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto. Having stayed in this world renowned hotel before, I knew that the level of service offered by its staff members is second to none, however, it still took me by surprise when one of the washroom attendants went above and beyond his required duties to meet a casual request of mine.

It all started when I was washing my hands and noticed that the soap and hand lotion was the same fragrance as the shampoo and conditioners that they provide in the guest rooms. I casually mentioned that I really enjoyed the fragrance and quality of the product and joked that they should have some in the public washrooms. Thinking nothing of my remark, I was completely caught off guard when the attendant told me to return later on so he could give me a few bottles of the items that I liked. I thanked him for the offer, but generally thought nothing of my own request, nor his desire to meet it.

Later that day, when I returned to the washroom, I was surprised to see that not only did he remember me, but he also came through with his promise and had brought me several small bottles. I was truly amazed because here’s a guy, who to many, it would seem as if his main responsibility is simply to provide hand towels and keep the washroom clean, yet he embraces the “customer first” spirit of the hospitality industry and displayed a genuine desire to go above and beyond what is normally expected. Rarely have I experienced such a display of customer service from higher level employees, let alone from line staff.

My experience couldn’t have come at a better time seeing that I was attending an award ceremony celebrating the excellent customer service found in Canada’s hospitality and foodservice industry. In my opinion, this gentleman was just as deserving of a Pinnacle Award, as any other person in attendance! Not only is he a representative of the great customer service found at the Fairmont Royal York, but he is also a great representative of the hospitality industry as a whole! If management is listening, this gentleman is definitely a keeper. Perhaps, like other senior executives with the company who started out in such positions, he too is a future leader.

Fairmont Royal York
100 Front St. W.
Toronto, ON
416 368 2511




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Little business knows how to do it right!

This past summer, I was in need of a carpenter who could build me a door and a portico. I ran across a man named Greg Aboud from Greg Aboud Woodworking who has completed projects in my neighbourhood and was recommended to me. Greg is truly a jack of all trades, and handles such work as: fencing, sheds, doors… you name it and Greg can build it. He charges a reasonable price and has a great reputation.

Despite Greg’s extreme flexiblity and wide scope of abilities, during the course of the summer, Greg ran into a few challenges. After ordering the wrong pillars for the portico, family members falling ill, bad weather, and hurting his back, what was supposed to be a 4-8 week job turned into a 7 month ordeal. After the job was finally completed, I received an invoice and noticed that a significant amount of money had been deducted due to “unacceptable delays”. Since I hadn’t asked Greg to reduce his fees, I was completely astonished with his generous offer. Not only did he own up to the significant delays, but he exceeded my expectations by adjusting the bill.

What’s more amazing is that here is a small, independent businessman who understands that exceeding expectations will lead to new customers, referrals, and repeat businesses. Larger businesses could learn from a guy like Greg. As an example, Greg has no idea that I am writing a blog about him, but because of his excellent customer service and great public relations, I’ve already spread the word about him to dozens of my friends, colleagues, and neigbours- not to mention everyone who reads the SQM blogs.

In this day and age when it has become increasingly difficult to find a good trades person, let alone a good trades person, at a reasonable price, here is one that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds his customers’ expectations. Greg is truly a class act and I would strongly suggest you consider using him for your next project.

Greg Aboud Woodworking
Greg Aboud



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At the RIM of customer service

In lieu of all the news surrounding the smart phone industry, I wanted to put the spotlight on a company that seems to have been receiving more than their fair share of negative press and criticism as of late.

I have been dealing with RIM for several years now, and they have equipped myself, my wife, and even some of my colleagues with great wireless devices. Through this period, I have come across issues with my Blackberry…just like most users of wireless devices would with whatever product they were using.

The issues that I have faced with my Blackberry have usually been technical issues, some of which require repairs. Whenever I contact RIM, the technical support staff is always very knowledgeable and extremely patient. In other instances, I have also had issues with my Blackberry when it was no longer under warranty by my service provider. While my service provider would not do anything about the issue, I have always found RIM to be helpful in finding a solution and correcting the problem, quickly and efficiently. They have never disappointed me and they always go above and beyond what I expect from such a company in terms of customer service.

I distinctly remember one time, when I was trying to trying to find somebody at RIM to speak with after calling their customer service line. After trying repeatedly to contact the right person, I asked to be connected to the President’s office, and I found myself with the option of leaving them a voicemail message. Within thirty minutes of having left a message, I was contacted by someone who helped me right away.

Many companies in the wireless industry have been battling head-to-head for market share and it often seems as if they have abandoned the concept of providing great customer service, but I believe that RIM has kept that at the forefront of their vision. I should mention that I also own various Apple products and their service has been just as great in terms of efficiency and correcting any problems.

We have reached a point where companies seem to be disregarding the true needs of their customers. It’s great to see RIM still knows how to take care of their customer, by going above and beyond the call, every time I contact them. It would be nice if more businesses followed RIM’s lead. I know the company continues to experience unprecedented challenges but if everything else is equal, regardless of the product or service, I will always support the company that provides better customer service and a better experience.

RIM (BlackBerry)
2200 University Ave. E.
Waterloo, ON



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A slamming deal on a side door with Tru Tech

As you all know, think it’s very important to mention any company that exudes excellent customer service and that consistently provides the public with quality products.

Just recently, I was out shopping for a new side door. I live in an older home and our doors are not a regular, standard size. I was having a lot of trouble finding a door that was the right size and the right price. I had been to several retailers and none had what I was looking for. Frustrated with the retailers and their “one-size-fits-all” solutions, I decided to go straight to the manufacturer.

After doing a bit of research I called Tru Tech Doors. I was surprised as the President himself, John Careri, was featured on the website and was accessible to the public. There was no secretary screening his calls, no unlisted number, and no beating around the bush. I left him a personal voice mail outlining my challenges and he got back to me within two business days, stating he was able to help me with a solution at a reasonable price. The manufacturer does not sell to the public, but he was able to assist me with the help of one of his retailers.

For anyone looking for interior or exterior doors; Tru Tech, a Canadian manufacturer, is the way to go. Their products are always of high quality and their customer service, when needed, is impeccable.

Tru Tech Doors Canada
20 Vaughan Valley Blvd.
Vaughan, ON



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J. A. Henckels stands behind their knives

Every once in a while I come across a company, product, or service that is simply remarkable. Recently, I had such an experience that covered all three areas; a company that not only stands behind its products, but offers amazing customer service.

My wife and I both use J. A. Henckels International Knives in the kitchen. We love them because of their high quality, and their durability.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was taking a load out of the dishwasher, I noticed the blade on one of our paring knives (maybe 10 years old) had cracked off the base. I called J. A. Henckels’ customer service line, and they immediately offered to replace it- no questions asked. I didn’t have to wait while they reviewed and processed the incident. I didn’t have to provide proof of purchase or a receipt. I didn’t even have to answer a million questions. I was simply met with fast, helpful, customer service people and a new paring knife. This had actually happened once before, when a knife we owned broke at the tip; and we were met with the same level of service.

A very small percentage of companies stand behind their product this way without wasting the customer’s time, or putting them through the ringer. This level of customer service and quality is so rare today. With J. A. Henckels International Knives I was given immediate results and am confident that if something ever happens with their products, they will be there for me. I recommend J. A. Henckels International Knives for every cooking enthusiast I know, and I am most definitely a customer for life because of each and every positive experience that I have had with them.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels
171 Saw Mill River Rd.
Hawthorne, NY



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TheraPearl chills me out with great customer service

Have you ever had a nagging ache or pain in your body that just won’t go away? Well, I often get them and I found TheraPearl to cure all my ailments. Therapearl makes hot and cold therapy packs that provide relief for aches and pains. These can include bruises, joint soreness, and my personal ailment – migraines. Basically you get a pack and you can throw it in the fridge or microwave depending on what you need.

I recently bought a TheraPearl at a large retailer in Toronto. Shortly after getting it, I noticed the “pearls”, which are the little temperature beads, were beginning to fall out. I returned to the retailer, but had misplaced my bill and they would not exchange the product for me. The retailer was giving me the run around, sending me from one location to the next. As a customer who was getting the run around, I became increasingly frustrated and decided to call the actual manufacturer. Upon calling TheraPearl’s customer service line, I spoke to a lovely young woman named Candice. Candice apologized and took full ownership for the issue and sent me a replacement right away through UPS. She even sent me additional products to try including a frog and a pig TheraPearl pack for my daughter, who Candice heard in the background while we were talking. TheraPearl stood behind their products and did not make me jump through any hoops. I was sent products specific to my needs and thus my expectations were exceeded. While I had an unfortunate customer service experience at the retailer, TheraPearl took care of the whole situation to ensure that I was a happy customer.

Awesome customer service will keep me coming back for more and will also tell my friends about the great experience. Now if only the retailer could take a page out of TheraPearl’s customer service book!

TheraPearl, LLC
9305 Gerwig Lane, Suite Q
Columbia, MD
1-877-PEARL09 (73275)


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A Landscaping Nightmare: How Land-Con Saved The Day

Back in the summer, I decided to re-do the driveway and front garden of my house, so I had 12 landscaping companies come to my house to quote my relatively decent-sized project. Of the 12 companies that came by the house, not one was professional enough to follow-up with me and provide an actual quote as I was a potential customer.

I was starting to give up all hope in my hunt for a suitable landscaping company when I stumbled upon the Land-Con team. The Land-Con team was completing some work at the office building I worked in when I asked an employee if I could speak to someone about a residential job. Immediately, I was introduced to both owners who happened to be on site and they arranged to have their planner come to my house. The planner, Cristel, showed up on time and even provided me with drawings and a quote within days of her visit. Talk about speedy customer service! The price that she quoted was certainly close to what other people in the neighborhood have paid to complete similar work, so we decided to go ahead and have her re-do our driveway and front garden. An added bonus was having our amazing planner, Cristel, who patiently provided us with guidance and ideas every step of the way. She added to the awesome customer experience that Land-Con provided.

The workers arrived on the prearranged date and despite the fact that they were working on a residential project, they were all appropriately outfitted with all of their required safety equipment. They worked quickly, efficiently, safely, and always tidied up after themselves. The few minor, and I stress minor, deficiencies were taken care of quickly. Everyone, who has seen the work that was done by Land-Con, thinks they did an amazing job and added value to our property. Land-Con’s amazing customer service has kept them fresh in our minds and with a bit of luck, we hope to work on the backyard next year!

163 Bowes Rd. Unit 3
Concord, ON
416-504-LAND (5263)



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